Certificate Installation: HSphere

To install your certificate, you will need to log in to your HSphere account.

You will need a Dedicated IP for the SSL domain. You cannot install the SSL on to a IP where are more then one domains!

You will have received your certificate from us, a file typically named 'your_domain_com.crt' as well as the Ca Bundle [or download the Ca Bundle]

  1. Log into your HSphere control panel. Click the 'SSL' icon/menu item.

  2. Now click the 'Edit SSL' button. On the next page, click the link labelled 'Import SSL certificate'.

  3. Into the 'Certificate File:' box, labelled 'Install Certificate based on previously generated Certificate request', copy and paste the contents of your certificate (a file typically named 'your_domain_com.crt').

  4. Click 'Upload'.

  5. Scroll down to the box labelled 'Certificate Authority File'. Into it, paste the contents of Ca Bundle. [download the Ca Bundle].

  6. Click 'Install' and your certificate will now be installed and functioning.

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